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See NEWS for announcement that XS Scuba has acquired the exclusive rights to manufacture and distribute Thermo Scuba Valves!

The Thermo Stand Alone series is designed with an angled handwheel and a shielded side safety assembly to make the lifting of your cylinder easier. From the reliable Thermo K valve and Thermo PRO valve to the Thermo DIN series, there is a stand alone valve designed for your diving pleasure.

The Thermo Modular series of valves can be combined into a variety of configurations and are often used by the technical diver.  With a modular valve, the diver can dive with a single cylinder or the valves can be combined into a manifold configuration to dive with two cylinders for extended down time.  Another alternative is to add the 9020 or 9040 type H connector valve to the modular series so that the diver has a single cylinder with two valve outlets.  If maximum flexibility is what you desire, the Thermo Modular series can be configured for your diving needs.

All Thermo scuba valves are bright chrome plated for maximum protection and long lasting beauty in salt water environments.  The new Easy Grip handwheel is made from soft rubber formed around a durable stainless steel insert.  The stainless steel insert insures positive long lasting life.  The large soft rubber ribs make it easy to open or close the valve even while wearing dive gloves.

All Thermo scuba valves come with a one piece safety plug assembly which eliminates the possibility of mismatched components and can be used on all prior versions of Thermo scuba valves.  This greatly reduces the likelihood of accidental "double disking" of the safety assembly and protects the integrity of your diving cylinder.  The safety device is shielded by the valve body to avoid damage during transportation or while diving.

All Thermo scuba valves come with a high pressure plug & seat assembly manufactured from a high tensile brass alloy and the threaded area is coated with Teflon.  Both the high tensile brass and the Teflon coating insure a lube less, smooth operation and prolongs the life of your valve!  During the manufacturing process every valve is pressure tested under high pressure to test for leaks and ease of operation at operating pressures.






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